Tips For Resume’s That Stand Out

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A good resume is a huge selling point and an essential tool to help you get that vital interview. Think about your skills, experiences and qualifications, how do you get them across to the reader? The key is to keep it simple and provide small, easily read information that will give you a better chance of having your resume read.

Your resume should stimulate interest, not bore the reader. Every word is vital, so ensure that your key industry words are plenty and make sure the content is relevant to the job that you are applying for.

Your resume should be well laid out and easy to review at a glance. Include factual information only and mention major successes and achievements.

On a practical level, avoid fancy fonts and coloured paper. Lastly, remember to do a spell check. A poorly presented CV with spelling mistakes won’t do you any favours!

See the following PDF download for our suggested resume template

Resume Template