Response Handling

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When thinking about your recruitment issues, the problems that keep you up at night are the same ones that Oceana Human Resources Professionals have been successfully resolving for clients for over 10 years.

Sometimes it is necessary to fill a large number of vacancies in a very short timescale, which presents any employer with a major challenge, especially where deadlines must be met.

When a project is awarded it can be a case of all hands on deck, and having the time to hire staff and process responses to advertisements can be a luxury that you just do not have.

Oceana will work with you to manage the ad response handling and recruitment processes for your project. We will offer you a tailor made solution that will free up your time to concentrate on the work that lies ahead of you.

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We can do the following hard work for you.

  • Write and place your recruitment ad in the media (MEDIA ADVISE AND SELECTION)
  • Advert Response Handling
  • Screen the CVs to the extent that they meet the inherent requirements of the job in three categories namely A B and C
  • Present you with the suitable candidates
  • Assist with coordinating of interviews
  • Conduct preliminary interviews
  • Conduct References and background checks
  • Compile a report on all candidates applied for position
  • Compile a report on all shortlisted candidates
  • Compile a final project report