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Oceana Human Resources Professionals applies a proven approach and methodology to management consulting. Our approach is based on understanding the issues and challenges your organisation faces; facilitating the establishment of vision; goals; and objectives while building alignment; identifying the bottom-line benefits to be realised; and integrating best of class methodologies,

partners, products,and solutions to meet your company goals. Our integrated and scalable methodology combines all aspects of Oceana Human Resources. Professionals service and technology offerings into one comprehensive package, adaptable to your situation.

Our consulting methodology provides facilitated interaction (collaborative) and modelling, following a series of five phases:

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The first phase in improving enterprise efficiency is to define your organisation’s vision and develop goals and strategies to attain that vision. This involves decision-makers in the process and builds support for change initiatives. Planning also helps us to understand your vision and corporate issues prior to starting a project and attack your prime constraint first.

We facilitate a series of cooperative workshops and practical project planning sessions to help you define your vision and create an action plan. Once engaged, we are committed to your success, and will work with you to achieve a better understanding of your mission and processes.

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Once a plan is in place, we assess and analyse your organisation and its current processes. We gather and analyse the information needed to provide an extensive evaluation of your organisation in its environment. This involves collecting internal and external stakeholders’ perception about your organisation, evaluating possible solution’s impact on clients and their cost/benefit analysis, conducting competitive analysis, and defining previous implied strategies.

We use process modeling as the front end to process reengineering. This allows us to gain a total picture of your existing processes, define problems, and provide a baseline for improvements. Working together we create an “as is” model, benchmark current processes, and conduct root cause analysis to help decide how to improve processes and increase efficiency.

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After we model processes and analyse the root cause of a problem, we help you develop technical or business solutions to resolve that problem.

We design and develop innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies and industry best practice.

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After devising solutions, we work with you to reengineer your enterprise by developing a “to be” model with the new streamlined processes. We model and simulate these to new processes and perform cost/benefit analysis to determine if these proposed processes are the best and most cost effective.

Reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic results in cost, quality, service, or speed. We help you turn the plans you define into a workable plan.

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While many management-consulting agencies are concerned with modeling processes, we work with you as a partner through solution implementation and training until you see measurable productivity gains. We can help you with programme management for large and small projects,

stop light change status meetings, configuration and risk management/control, requirement definition, project communication, knowledge delivery, training and much more.


Our approach ensures proper quality assurance, through the use of a quality assurance specialist and a client project manager. It also encourages transfer of skills by involving client staff members in the project team and steering committee.